Excellence is very relevant today in missions.  Times, ministries and strategies are changing, what we called excellence in those days may be less than average these days. If one keeps doing what he does, he/she shall keep getting what he/she is getting. Therefore, there is a need to know new ways that make for excellence today.  According to Apostle Paul, we must “look forward to the upward calling in Christ, we must press forward to make it our own.” Here are some factors that can and will soar any church or organization into excellence in missions and evangelism:

  • Passion for God’s Glory

This remains the foundation for excellence in missions. Excellence in missions must be preceded by the true worship of God, “missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is.” Therefore, if we must excel in missions, we must learn to seek the true worship of God, and then we can adequately offer him to the people who live in darkness.

* The Power and Guidance of the Holy Spirit

According to Acts 1:8, there shall be no mission, let alone excellence, except the believers receive the Holy Spirit. In order to be effective witnesses, we must wait for the Holy Spirit. The fuel for missions is not money, skill education, strategies or even manpower, it is the Holy Spirit.

  • A Clear Understanding of Mission, Vision and Values

 Mission statement describes why a ministry exists; a vision statement describes what success should be; values describe acceptable standards of behavior for individuals in an organization. Any organization, ministry or Church that desires to excel must clearly understand why they exist, what they aspire to be and how to measure the success and then what acceptable norms govern their behaviour.

  • Application of Contextual Strategies

Mission stakeholders need to identify and employ the strategy relevant to the target audience. For example, human needs strategy such as veterinary medicine is a very relevant strategy in witnessing to the Fulani and other unreached people who rear animals. Innovative strategies like sports and media (especially electronic) will fit well in ministry to youth. We need to be all things to all men, so that by God’s grace we can win some.

  • Ensure Great Leadership

No organization will grow more than its leader(s). We need mission and evangelism leaders who know the way, go the way and encourage others to follow the way.  This kind of leadership is the Christ-like, servant-hood style.

  • Relevant Training for Missionaries and Evangelists

Believers who sense God’s call to submit themselves as full-time or short-term missionaries need to have relevant and adequate training in order to be effective, efficient, and successful.  

  • Good Network and Partnership in Missions

Jesus Christ does not only command the unity of networking and partnership of missions, he also prayed for such unity amidst all Christians (John 17:20 – 24). Believers are to view the great commission as their joint divine assignment. They are to contribute together their spiritual giftedness, human resources, physical resources, financial resources, and the like in order to expend them not on themselves, but towards the pursuance of global evangelization.

  • Impeccable Stewardship

Jesus Christ expects all believers to exhibit faultless and exemplary stewardship of all resources he commits into their hands. Missionaries and Christian witnesses need to be coming together for joint reports, evaluation, and suggestions for improvement concerning their task of global evangelism.

  • Anchor Change and Be Dynamic

God only does wondrous things full of unprecedented goodness and glory (Ps. 72:18 – 19). Therefore, all Christian workers who rely totally on God can never do  routine things, but do things with unprecedented result that glorify God.

  • Continuous Research

The fact that Christianity is a revelatory faith makes it pertinent and mandatory for research for revelatory truth and wisdom of God to be continuous in the practice of all Christians (Phil. 2:13; 1 Cor. 1:24).

  • Adequate Funding 

Good and great as the above factors are, excellence in missions will dwindle where funds are not available to implement the plans and strategies. A sizable part of the church or organization’s budget should go to mission funding. May God open our eyes to meet this need!
In conclusion, Jesus says, “…and this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations and then the end shall come” Matt.24:14. Attaining excellence in missions requires that every Bible-believing Christian – Baptists inclusive, rise, engage, capture and conquer kingdoms for the Master.  Excellence must be measured in terms of doing God’s will in God’s ways, not what human expectation or judgment proclaim.  May the Holy Spirit draw our hearts together around this common purpose of excelling in missions, the only reason why the church exists, the lack of total fulfillment being the only reason why Christ is yet to come.  Oh Lord Jesus, make us excel in your work through your Spirit! Amen.










"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."