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Missions' Articles


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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." A mandate for all believers in Christ...




Getting Involved in Missions

The great commission reveals that mission is the heartbeat of Christ and His desire is that His love will be spread among all tribes and Nations. To accomplish this, there is need for all believers in Christ to get involved in this great task and thereby become an obedient (child) to their Master (Jesus Christ). . As a denominational mission agency, our goal and aspiration is to see that the Gospel of Christ reaches all tribes and Nations with our beliefs and practices which are founded on New Testament teachings and practices. These, we must come together to achieve and by His grace, we are able to possess all lands for Him. We are trusting God for men and women of (this) like passion to join God at work whether through praying, going, or giving to this mission work.

Types of Involvement:
a. General Involvement: This is a way by which individual or group partnering get involved through regular giving, praying or going to support the mission works on the field. The praying can be done directly through joining our Mission Prayer Networks that come up every Thursday and Saturday of the Month or indirectly by getting our Mission prayer concerns on our quarterly News letter. The going for mission is space way by which our partners get involved by going to the field on a short term basis to use their God given talents (to profit with Mission Volunteer).

b. Specific Involvement:
In this, our partners whether individual or group embark on a specific project such as adopting one or more Missionaries for prayer and financial support, adopting a newly planted indigenous Church (by either buying of land, building a Church structure, payment of the Pastor salary or equipping the Church with instruments, training an indigene that has leadership calling in our school of mission or college of Theology, sinking of bore holes or wells in areas that suffer such needs, building of clinics in medically disadvantaged areas and many other projects that will enhance reaching the unreached for Christ. Such projects are supervised by the Board and regular information is given to the partner or the partner paying a visit to such project sites.

c. Mission Partnering:
This involves partnering with a mission minded local Church, Association, Conference or organization based on round table agreement on what and how the mission activities will be done on the mission field. The supervision of such projects are done together with the partners.

Other Mission Opportunities
1. Providing Mission Vehicle: Getting a new vehicle or replacing the old ones on the fields will go a long way in reaching people for Christ in Cote D’Ivoire, Umuahia, Kamuku, Kyengawa and Bassa.
2. Giving of Bible: Bible has been tranlated to many languages and placing one on a convert’s hand will help him know Christ better.
3. Providing Spiritual Growth Materials: Your money can help Missionaries on the field to get, materials that will help grow or disciple converts spiritually.
4. Providing Evangelism Equipment: Getting a Video player, projector, public Address system, will serve a great deal in reaching them with the Jesus film in their mother tongues.

How Your Church Can be Involved in Missions
1. Commitment to regular in the cooperative partnership of the NBC
2. Provide for annual mission budget to be used in any mission fields of your choice.
3. Plan and observe the Home and International mission emphasis annually in your church, collect missions’ offerings and send it to GMB office
4. Pay a regular visit to any mission field of your choice once every year; for outreach, discipleship, seminar or any other programme that will help grow the Kingdom of God on the fields.

4. Partner with the Board to reach a particular unreached people on the field. Call the office on this partnership programme.

Fill the mission response form for any of your decision.