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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..." A mandate for all believers in Christ...




Our Vision:
Reaching all nations for Christ. Matthew 28: 19a; Matthew 24: 14

Our Mission Statement: Advancing the Great Commission to all Nations through the Nogerian Baptist Convention by networking with other Great Commission Christian, such that all nations might come to the saving, worshipping and serving faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Core Value

  1. Authority and inerrancy of Scriptures for faith and practice.
  2. Proclamation of the gospel of Christ that all may hear.
  3. Responsible autonomy of every local assembly
  4. Congregational system of government.
  5. Belief in the triune, indivisible God.
  6. Belief in eternal Salvation of the faithful in Christ and damnation for the lost, who reject the Gospel message.
  7. Priesthood of all the truly saved.
  8. Perseverance, through the power of God, of all the Saints who are truly saved and daily sanctified.
  9. Belief and practice of water Baptism as an outward sign of the new birth.
  10. Appreciation and promotion of trained leadership

Our Principles:

  1. Holiness, Integrity & Accountability for us to be approved by God and men, as worthy co-labourers and stewards.
  2. Team Spirit, as we all labour together through Agape love in God’s fields
  3. Our main goal is the salvation of souls that will ultimately lead to Reproducible Church Planting Movements (RCPMs) in Nigeria, West Africa, the rest of Africa and throughout the other six continents of the World.
  4. Massive Discipleship and Training emphasizing leadership development for God’s ministry.
  5. The three fold Holistic Ministry of Jesus Christ:Preaching, Teaching and Healing will form the heart of our ministry strategy, as we target the Muslims, African Traditional Religion (ATR) believers and other Unreached People Groups (UPGs) in Nigeria, West Africa, Africa and the other countries/continents of the World.

Our Story:

In 1850, Brother Bowen headed for Central Africa on a Missionary adventure; specifically to the town of Igboho. This is the faithful and humble beginning which has undoubtedly given rise to great achievements in what is today called, The Nigerian Baptist Convention; with over 10, 000 Churches, 437 Associations, 32 Conferences and about 6 million Nigerian Baptists.  In the same vein, the obedient decision of the messengers at the fortieth session of the Nigerian Baptist Convention at Jos in 1953 resulted in what up to April 1998 was known as Home and Foreign Mission Department of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.

At the 85th Annual Session of the Nigerian Baptist Convention in the same Jos, in 1998, a decision was taken; to grant the Home and Foreign Missions Board autonomy and to give it a new name: Global Missions Board, the Mission agency of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. This decision has enabled and has resulted in the present growth of the Nigerian Baptist Convention mission work with 25 Home Mission fields and 8 International Mission fields, in Africa and beyond. There are about 35 frontier Missionary couples fully engaged and faithfully serving God to reach many for Him.

The Board is run under the leadership of a Board chairman, a secretary who is the Director of the Board, and able Board members representing various departments in the Convention.
The service arm of the Board is divided into ministries with a coordinator responsible to the Director.

Our Responsibilities:

1. To awaken Baptist family members to their responsibility of spreading the gospel message in Nigeria and beyond.
2. To direct the energy of the Convention towards propagating the gospel at home and abroad.
3. To recommend ways and means of financing the Nigerian Baptist Convention Mission enterprise.
4. To recruit and deploy suitable volunteers for mission work in co-operation with the Ministerial Board of the Nigerian Baptist Convention.




How and where GMB Work:

Global Missions Board focuses on the unreached people group within a country. As a denomination that is part of the pioneer evangelical churches in Nigeria, much has been done in Nigeria and work is still in progress.  On the fields, the missionaries preach, disciple and provide church for the converts. They are also involved in mission awareness and mobilization. GMB is at work in the following countries:
Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Chad, Mali, United Kingdom and South Sudan.


How GMB is Financed:

Global Missions Board is funded through the following sources:
• Approved 20% of the Convention Cooperative programme.
• Home and International Mission offering from Churches or individual.
• Convention Mission Hour Offering.
• Pledges and donations from individual.
• Other offerings through mission seminars.
• Bequeathed Properties

"Giving to missions is an eternal investment. Give and you be rewarded eternally"